Munich ChronoType Questionnaire

Find out what sleep-type you are and if you are sleeping too little or too much.


Your body has its own individual time

When we fall asleep and wake up, when we are hungry or can concentrate best is all controlled by our biological clock. Differences in our individual biological clock timing are the basis for being different chronotypes.

Chronotypes and Shift types

Shift workers often have to live against their internal biological clock and therefore often suffer from a lot of social jetlag. Since different chronotypes will suffer differently from various Shift types, it is particularly important to determine the chronotype of shift workers. This way, we could for instance categorise workers based on their chronotype, put them in certain shifts and thus improve their sleep.

We determine your personal Chronotype

In this questionnaire, you’ll anonymously answer questions about your sleep times. Based on current scientific knowledge, we will use your answers to determine your individual Chronotype and amount of Social Jetlag (showing you how much you’re living against your biological timing on certain days). You will receive this information and how your results compare with others free-of-cost after filling in the questionnaire. This questionnaire is only applicable to shift workers with alternating shifts (e.g, early, late and night shifts) or permanent night shifts.

Register as participant of the Human Sleep Project

When you register, the system will recognise you, and you can track your sleeping behaviour over months and even years. We will also inform you about new studies and their results – hoping you would like to participate once more. Of course, you can cancel your registration at any time.

Target group: Shift workers

Participants to date: approx. 2,000

Type of test: Questionnaire

Test duration: approx. 14 minutes

Languages: English, German

Project leader: Prof. Till Roenneberg, LMU, München

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